Pricing & values

Starting time :

Nov 1, 2019

Ending time :


ICO Funding GOAL :



$ 0.02- $ 0.04 (TBD)

Private placement

OCT 1, 2018  - SEPT 15, 2018

Acceptable Currency :


Start In

ICO to Start In:

Token Sale Proceeds

  • 30% - Operations (Global)
  • 30% - Engineering (R&D)
  • 40% - Marketing

Token Distribution

  • Crowdsale
  • Company Reserves
  • Team & Advisers
  • Users & Partners
  • Bounty Users
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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are responses to most the commonly asked questions about ZUUM.

ZUUM Coin is a Utility Token (digital currency) which can be used as a form of payment for RideSharing, Taxi, Auto Service, and other on-demand services availabe on the ZUUM Platform.
Before the ICO, ZUUM Coins can be purchased from your App with Ethereum or Credit/Debit Card. Private sale participants/affiliates who are interested in buying coins for $250 or more, please contact us for ACH payment. Post ICO, ZUUM coins will be available for trading (Buy/Sell) at third party exchanges.
Prior to ICO, This token is available to private sale participants, and affiliates of the ZUUM platform adoption.
During the ICO Period, ZUUM coins can be purchased by individuals who reside Europe, Middle East, and Asia (EMEA), and South America. ZUUM coins are NOT available for purchase to retail individual investors who reside in United States of America (USA). Post-ICO, all individuals (consumers, service professionals, and affiliates) will need to have ZUUM coins in their Wallet to access ZUUM ecosystem.
Consumers get 1 ZUUM coin for each service request transaction completed on the ZUUM platform.
Service Providers (Drivers, Service Workers) get 2 ZUUM coins for each service request completed.
1) Download the ZUUM Pro App
2) Create your profile and select the service (Rideshare, Taxi, Roadside Assistance, Auto service, cleaning, etc.
3) Set your own billing rate per mile/km/hour.
4) Set the Availability flag whenever you want to work
5) Receive real-time notifications from customers and Accept service request
6) Get paid from customers directly and instantly with ZUUM Coins, other digital currencies, credit card, or cash.

*** You can also start your own business by hiring drivers and service professionals and get commission income from the service professionals for providing marketing and admin service.

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We Are Reinventing the  On-Demand Services Economy

We’re building a middleman free, peer-to-peer network of providers and consumers powered by blockchain technology.

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    We are seeking Blockchain Engineers, Mobile Developers, and Marketing Professionals

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    We would like to hear from Accredited Private investors during Pre-ICO